The First Spring Day, Daffodil Sunrises and Eclipse; Little Blue Bulbs, Mishtaken Origins, Stuffocation and Scillas.


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Better late then? March 10th will be recorded as the first proper day of spring for 2015 at Gelli Uchaf. Sunshine, little wind, temperatures nearing double figures, and at last I see my first bumblebee of the year. A fortnight … Continue reading

Easter Honey Bunny; Planting For Pollinators; Narcissus Names


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We feel fortunate to have been spared the heavy snow in the latest blast of this extended winter. But the freezing Easterlies are with us again, and after feeding and sympathising with the sheep and poultry on Monday, I thought … Continue reading

Calon Aur; Power and Glory; Soil and Egg Shifting.


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I’ve just come in and peeled off the water proofs after the morning stock round, on a bitter, miserable morning. Lashing rain and gale force cold South Easterlies. No sign of ‘March going out like a lamb’ as I catch … Continue reading

The Value of Bees; Peter’s Leeks and Daffodils; and Where Were You When the Slam was Won?


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How to begin this week? Moral capitalism? (Actually this post has been delayed by a bout of glyphosate induced illness, so the text might seem a bit out of date, but the issues with using this widely promoted herbicide will … Continue reading

Sooty and Sweet; the Departure of the Chattering Classes; Making Time to Smell the Daffodils and it’s a Birthday Blog


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Another blog, another torch-light discovery. A consequence I suppose of no TV to while away the dark evenings and the appearance of a new trial rabbit burrow amongst the snowdrops, primroses and hellebores. Trying to spot the culprit, I nipped out … Continue reading

Profligacy; Variations and Longhorn; Buff-tip; Poplar Hawk; and Bogong


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Firstly an admission. I got it wrong, when I said that Crocus ‘Cream Beauty’ seemed to be sterile. This followed last year’s attempts to self pollinate it with no apparent success and discovering that there didn’t appear to be viable … Continue reading

Daffodils and Dumpy Bags


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There’s nothing like the prospect of visitors, combined with longer days and dry weather to kick off another garden project, just after we’d decided all our major works were completed. In this case, it was reassessing an area we’d worked … Continue reading