Sooty and Sweet, the Departure of the Chattering Classes, Making Time to Smell the Daffodils and it’s a Birthday Blog


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Another blog, another torch-light discovery. A consequence I suppose of no TV to while away the dark evenings and the appearance of a new trial rabbit burrow amongst the snowdrops, primroses and hellebores. So trying to spot the culprit, I nipped … Continue reading

Drought and Humidity, Spawning and Splitting the Mighty Atom, and Growing Down or Up


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So last week was the time for Caroline Spelman M.P. and Environment Secretary to gather the movers and shakers for a drought summit. Why? Because many parts of Eastern, Southern and Central England are at risk of severe shortages of water over the summer … Continue reading

Green is the word…….and a little bit of Purple


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Ready for a ramble? Visual and verbal? A lot of thoughts have churned around the simple word “green” over the last few days. Kicked off by a couple of necessary long walks to work off the slight excesses of a Valentine’s day meal. … Continue reading