Belly Down and Buzzing; Hellebores’ Hurrah. NGS Snowdrop and Spring Bulbs Garden ‘Fourth Week’


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After weeks with no dry weather (1089mm rain for the 3 ‘winter’ months here!), West Wales weather finally reverted to normal (?) and has given us a sun drenched and completely dry 10 days. And the very first sunny day … Continue reading

New Life, New Tricks; Freeze Dried Mushrooms; A Symphony of Snowdrops.


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Winter will return next week, but for now we bask in the after glow of 3 dry WEEKS, and much new life bursting onto the scene. The frogs have dodged or diced with death via the heron, otters, and last … Continue reading

Sooty and Sweet, the Departure of the Chattering Classes, Making Time to Smell the Daffodils and it’s a Birthday Blog


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Another blog, another torch-light discovery. A consequence I suppose of no TV to while away the dark evenings and the appearance of a new trial rabbit burrow amongst the snowdrops, primroses and hellebores. So trying to spot the culprit, I nipped … Continue reading