Pomona Pleasures, Harvests and Culls; Multicultural Bulb Harmony; Firing up the Greenhouse (Part 12 of Heating a Greenhouse with Leaf Mould Compost).


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As autumnal tints continue to briefly colour parts of the garden, it’s time to record one of the successes of this year’s exceptionally dry summer.Growing apples successfully at 800 feet, with annual rainfall of up to 83 inches (2012), was … Continue reading

Rainbow Flowers; On the Make; Heating a Greenhouse with Compost Update (Part 11)


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Blog catch up time. 13 days with no rain. 15 days, but for a brief shower which, moving East, arced the landscape with a fantastic full rainbow, exceeding my wide angle lens’ ability to frame it, and provided the image … Continue reading

A Winter’s Tale – Into the West and the Intricately Dead (Welsh) Snow Drop; Resupination; and Heating a Greenhouse with Compost (Part 10 Update).


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Follow me on a circuitous journey. A winter’s tale for this, thus far, mainly non-wintry season. Saturday January 11th dawned bright and crisp as a winter’s day should be. The sun rose, the forecast was for skies of winter blue.A … Continue reading

Entomological Explosion; Growing Tomatoes Organically in a Garden Greenhouse (Heating a Greenhouse with an External Compost Bed- Part 8); and Egg on Your Face


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Almost exactly a year ago, the same issue seems to have preoccupied my gardening notes. Midges. After several days when midge numbers increased daily to the point that I had to use a deterrent spray, I’d wandered outside first thing. … Continue reading

Patterns and Perceptions; Autumn Leaf Mould Energy Potential (Part 3 – Heating a Greenhouse with an External Compost Bed:- Design Tweaks, Internal Set Up and Initial Temperature Findings); Growth Limiting Factors.


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To put everyone out of the suspense left after my last post, I’m going to show the starting point of the mystery image. Thanks to Carolyn for having a go at the identification. As you can see it’s an image … Continue reading

Hello November; Autumn Leaf Mould Energy Potential (Part 2 – Construction – Heating A Greenhouse with An External Compost Bed); Bat and Butterfly


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Most of this post will be devoted to the detail of constructing ‘The Reactor’ – a compost bed designed to help to heat the greenhouse and keep it frost free over the winter. (Addendum: – There are a lot of … Continue reading