Hornets, Wagtails and Wrens; Silver Linings and Seasonal Snowdrops


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Our resilience planning had a pre-Christmas test, when at the height of our flu, we suffered quite a long power outage. Having basked in the warm glow from our wood pellet stove, and the novelty of automated central heating which … Continue reading

Smashed and Topped; Clearing Up; Abandonment and Signs of Life


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2016 begins with some pretty impressive new records. Maximum rainfall levels across many areas of the UK have been smashed, not just broken, and any readers in the UK will no doubt have followed the flood devastation images, (if they … Continue reading

Christmas Cheer, Boxing Day Blooms and Golden Hares.


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Few words here. Just a record of this Christmas’ unseasonal flowers which seem to match the sentiments of the first verse read, snuggled up on Christmas morning, once the paperback was retrieved from the stockinged toe and fell open at … Continue reading

White Blanket plus Green Teeth plus Green Tears Equals Galanthomania


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My order for writing these posts seems to have developed into consistently being: ideas, research and taking photos, fix a title, write the text and finally upload the images. So, two days ago when I fixed on the title, it … Continue reading