Waves, Meadowfoam and Blowing in the Wind; Colonial Plants and Control.


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Waves have gripped me over the last fortnight. Made me stand and gaze. And wonder. Not those which batter our nearby coasts, crashing on rocky cliffs, or transporting drifting fleets of jelly fish, as seen recently near Cwmtydu.But those that … Continue reading

Hay in the Rain and Sun; Flowers and Coherent Gardens; and the Right White.


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Possibly my longest gap between posts since I’ve started this blog. Why?Well perhaps the teeniest disappointment at not winning at the Hay festival, (clearly, I have a small residue of competitive spirit which I thought had long since left me), … Continue reading

Oh, What a Lovely Boar! Smelly Mushrooms; Squashed Slugs, and Blooming Dragons.


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Intrigued by the email mentioning the basket making event held last week at the National Botanic Garden of Wales (NBGW), we headed down and thoroughly enjoyed the display and demonstrations in the marquee by various basketry and rope work experts … Continue reading