Kingdom United? Taller When Prone; Bat on My Hat; Meandering Jet Streams; Serenading Swallows


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The day began well with a pristine Green silver-lines moth, Pseudoips prasinana, resting up on the barn door. I’ve only ever seen this moth 3 or 4 times before, so when we had a phone call a couple of hours … Continue reading

It ‘Aster be September, The Underclass Arrives in a Box and Bums on Seats


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Along with Crocosmia, Sedum and Japanese Anemones, it’s increasingly the Asters which I really look forward to seeing flower as we move into mid September. I’m a fairly new convert to their prolific autumnal show, and by chance we seem … Continue reading

Paths and Yards, Clouds, Silhouettes, and Foxes


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At last after a fairly ordinary, cool and damp June, a recent sunny spell has seen the temperatures rise and allowed me to catch up on some routine garden maintenance. We’re lucky to have a lot of level changes in … Continue reading