Abscission – Cutting Loose, Breaking Free.


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A definition. In the early C17th, a century before the masons raised the mauve rubblestone walls of St.Edith’s, a wordsmith merged the Latin Ab (off) with Scindere (to cut), to create abscindere, or abscissio, and thence today’s abscission. An action noun meaning … Continue reading

The Sun And Life Returns, Witch’s Hats, Frost Beards and Compound Interest from a Paint Brush


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Just in time to save our sanity the sun returned to this small part of Wales and reminded us of the delights of winter. It really turns our days’ activities upside down after all the greyness. Frosts, mists and the … Continue reading

Norwegian Wood – Dismantling 80 Years of Inconspicuous Consumption and Lighting A Fire, Saved By The Flowers and Tree Seed Stratification.


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Its taken 3 or 4 days to find a chance to start writing this post. This might seem strange since the days are now so short, but it’s been tidy up time after the efficient chaps from Lampeter Tree services came to … Continue reading