Welsh Hill Country RIP Rap Riddle

Perhaps before dawn,

as warm neck caressing fingers work,

will frost thaw, and words flow, to catch the scene,

too far away to see?S1050005 (2)

Perhaps my absurd wizard’s cloak of birth,

first grey, then white,

straddling the dyke,

means I’m never close enough to spy,

from outside, as the trees fall,

and Isengard’s Orthanc rises,

with flashing eye?SDIM0299 (2)SDIM0305 (2)S1050030 (2)

Perhaps true gold is out of reach,

gilding the clouds’ rough edges,

scudding the horizon,

not gouged out by rusty yellow buckets

ripping through the Banc’s trimmed top.

Best left for smaller mouths to nibble?S1050051

Perhaps too quiet to hear the saws,

too quiet for more than words?

No Solsbury songs, no Gabriel eagles,

no Monbioted protest,

Just a sculling woodpecker,

a pacy pigeon,

and robin rhythms.

No need.

To call the police.S1050066 (2)S1050064 (2)S1050059

Perhaps that Border line,

often witnessed, but never heard,


But not for

buzzards, kites and bats.

Now displaced, but not nation less,

never caring for the claustrophobia of closed, or open, domes,

and the din of mock battles.

Preferring to fly.


Perhaps for now, the baggin’s off,

always more than just plain 5240,

the Hump and Tump a littered maze,

of needles and trunks, and from the generational

slates in the cwm,

are those Ifor’s tears,


in February’s golden rays?S1050049S1050037

Perhaps the spewed spent fuel from

crossed at dawn battle swords

returns to earth, too far away to smell

amongst the unknowing, once offsetting boughs,

then, confused and unrequited,

fills the yawning


Fog.SDIM0355 (2)SDIM0297 (2)

And yet, perhaps, one broken trailing chromosome

follows the big bad black-belted boy, a Samurai warrior, (from Neath)

returning home, trading rising sun,

for falling rain, and the green

green grass of home,

tilting at new windmills and

yakuzal inspired


Listen.S1050015 (2)

If not, perhaps just distant memories.

Keyboards rapped, shutters pressed,

tender brush-stroked canvases,

hung on strong red walls.

Reminders of the unspeakably foreign beauty,

in this insular land called home.S1050079 (2)

Perhaps too close to touch.

Perhaps too much to feel.

Too many contradictions.S1050019

Perhaps, e.g.,

just too near to see,

that actions speak louder than words?

And leaving Genesis behind,

we wait for entropy.

And Progress.S1050072S1050031 (2)

Inspired by the first mornings of February 2015, the views to the South,

and the following clicks, in no particular order:


Gillian Clarke

Clive Nicol

Vera Brittain

Peter Gabriel

Solsbury  Hill

Hill Bagging Uk

JRR Tolkein 

The Gathering Storm

4 thoughts on “Welsh Hill Country RIP Rap Riddle

  1. Your photographs are extremely beautiful but I could not follow the words. I think it is poetry. I just can’t make the connection between a broken chromosome and a samurai warrior. Sorry, I have to be honest, I know it is me as a lot of people appreciate poetry. Amelia

  2. Beautiful photographs – and a far from feeble attempt at poetry! Your use of words to convey an image and keep a rhythm flowing is very clever. I will admit it’s taken a couple of reads, and will need a couple more, before I fully understand it – but then I’m a slow learner! 🙂

    • Hello Noeline,
      Thanks for also being brave and having stab at understanding this. I have a brother who knows far more about poetry than I ever shall, and I’m often intrigued by his, and other critics’ attempts to ‘understand’ what a poem is really trying to say. Hence my late in the day change of title to ‘rap riddle’. But as you’re obviously discovering the clues are all there in the words, and links, so I’m really glad that you’ve battled with it!
      Best wishes

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