Courting, Cavorting Red Kites; Dawn to Dusk Sunshine and the Challenge of Maximising it; and Drilling and Placing the Willow.


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The last week has seen our first garden visitors of the year, happily visiting on days of glorious sunshine. But the most dramatic event was on a very sunny Sunday 10 days ago when we ate our lunch outside under … Continue reading

Spring arrives…for 3 hours


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The aim was to do a once weekly post – more than this, and I run the risk of being accused by Fiona of becoming obsessed with this new blog thing. More to the point, when can I snatch computer … Continue reading

Tropical Temperatures in Wales


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The garden has been in a state of suspended animation over the last week. Influenced by the high pressure which has dominated recent weather patterns, we have had gloriously sunny days, no rain and hard frosts at night. Good for … Continue reading