Harmonies No. 3

Just a few introductory words about this latest “Harmonies No. 3”, compilation video. All footage was filmed here at Gelli Uchaf in the first 3 weeks of April 2022, yet another wonderful April in a run of 3.

Images and sounds from the garden and wider landscape, with some lovely music thanks to the Musopen website. I haven’t checked, but I know my average clip length massively exceeds the currently trendy 2.5 seconds. But then it’s hopefully a chill out experience, although it lasts for an attention sapping 22 minutes or so.

Watch out for new lambs, daffodils, tulips, gliding kites with gripped prey, first swallow, tadpole gobbling mallard, stream bank robin, a possible goshawk in a gale, active honey bees leading to a back of the neck sting – I missed the 2 second warning – and for the first spring ever in our nearly 30 years here, so far, no cuckoo in our valley.

Best watched after adjusting your YouTube setting to HD.

6 thoughts on “Harmonies No. 3

  1. That was absolutely beautiful and very calming for my soul. Thank you Julian and Fiona, just loved it 🥰

    • Hello Sue,
      Thanks for that kind comment, and it’s always a delight when someone else will sit through something as long as that, and experience the response you express – which is indeed partly why I’m making these videos, as well as being the best substitute for actually being here, I guess,
      best wishes
      Julian and Fiona

  2. Dear Grumpy Hobbit Thank you for the wonderful Youtube. I’m so relaxed after watching it that I can hardly think of words to express my delight in it! Seeing the lamb being born and then later the lambs in the field was very special. The views of all the beautiful flowers in your garden, the soaring kite and the darting swallow all melded well with the music….all charming and calming . Best wishes to you both.

    • Hello Marianne, and as I commented to Sue, it’s a delight that even a few people will make time to watch something as long as this and appreciate it, in today’s frantic world. I did have the odd muttering that it was too long, but I’m going to stick to my countercultural, David Lean inspired, directorial approach. Trying to create something which captures 3 weeks of lovely weather, events and sights into even 22 minutes is always going to be a challenge! Let alone adding the music background to it. So really wondefful that you were delighted with it.
      The lambs will have moved on a bit by the time of the next one I think.
      Best wishes
      Grumpy Hobbit!

  3. Thank you so much for this idyllic look at your piece of paradise. Music and images mesmerizing. And NOT too long. I really appreciated that the musical pieces were not cut off. It’s rare that one can find a such a wonderfully matched visual and musical piece. It was like being there. If a picture is worth 1000 words a visual like this one is worth a million.

    • Hello Suzanne,
      Thanks for this very kind comment, both on the nature of it, AND its length, which if you’ve read my previous post is something I’ve pondered a lot, of late. As indeed over many years, the ability to capture/record/portray life in its simple variety lived in this place, at this time.
      We feel blessed to have been able to live here over many so years and it’s great if through something like this, others can enjoy it. I’m really enjoying trawling the Musopen catalgue and discovering new pieces of music which I might work into future “Harmonies”, though in this one, the music did seem, largely by chance, to fit the visual clips particularly well in places,
      Best wishes
      Julian aka the grumpy hobbit!

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