A Slow, Fast, Welsh Christmas.

Lurgy struck, our planned visitors had cancelled, which meant Christmas Day dawned bright, quiet, and relaxed after the previous evening’s calm was spoiled by ominous loud tapping from an kitchen internal wall. Checking the under-stair cupboard showed signs of recent rodent ingress from below our external wall.


So after a spot of emergency mortar mixing, and necessary sticky board and bait placement, we await developments tonight…

Promising light first thing saw me sitting in The Hut watching things unfold. Almost as dramatic as one morning last week…

Silently, an hour spent like this looks marvellous when condensed into barely 2 minutes of time lapse. Rare calm in today’s frenetic world. Peaceful as the transatlantic jets still on this special day pile in and out, above the colouring clouds.


Then as clear blue skies opened for the second time in 10 days, we headed off for a frenetic 10 mile e-bike circular thrash around the local lanes, returning in 44 minutes invigorated, and having worked up an appetite for supper tonight. Many thanks to Dave for lending us the gadget which allowed me to capture this rally style journey with my Camcorder, fixed to the handlebars …

Exploring some new music will I’m sure brighten our now shortening nights, before (hopefully) other guests arrive for New Year.

A surprise radio find this Christmas morning, from The Piano Guys …

I hope that everyone reading this enjoys(ed) some peaceful moments of their own, whether fast, or slow, this Christmas, and wish you a very Happy New Year.

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