Black and White

A complex world.

Simplicity seems best.

Up or down,

Or left or right,


Bright eye, sharp ear,

Synapsed with necessary fear.

An open place, to think and preen.

Quickly, though, lest eyes unseen

Home in and plan a swift attack.

So seize the moment,

Spread those wings and

Once corrected, fly.

And bob and dart

Beyond mere earthly fight.

For life is rarely, simply,

Black and white.


11 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. Bravo Julian for wise words and lovely photos.
    It was very remiss of me not to comment on your last post…sorry! I did enjoy reading and seeing your rambles through Pembrokeshire. As an old Pembrokeshire girl I love the coast there and the joy of visiting a cathedral in between walks on the beaches! I’m looking forward to visiting the Gwaun valley walk when it dries up a bit! Hope all your garden tours do well this year- what a treat for all your visitors to see your beautiful garden. Fingers crossed for some pleasant weather!

    • Hello Marianne,
      Don’t know about wise words, but I’ve expended a lot of words and thought elsewhere this week, so strangely doing a sort of poem this morning was light relief! It was great to see Pembs. minus the crowd, and with in the main lovely winter light – always a joy. Shame we couldn’t stay longer,
      best wishes
      PS Went to Aberglasney on the way back from Picton yesterday, and we thought the garden there was looking lovely – as always, with even more snowdrops than last year!

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