I can’t be there.

In the Place de la Republique, with my candle.

Last summer’s bonhomie, and stumbled upon music fest, just a distant memory now.2014-07-10 20.02.42 (2)

Holed up here on a rain lashed hillside in the Pays de Galles, as dawn breaks late.

I’ve not read the words, or seen the drawings.

But this morning I grieve for Charlie, and with Paris and France.

Frozen and numbed.SDIM9928 (2)

Speak out. Hold fast.

Liberty. Equality. Fraternity.SDIM9934 (2)

The roses will bloom again.SDIM9937 (2)

12 thoughts on “Mourning

  1. Nous sommes Charlie – everyone who thinks, writes and believes in democracy has to defend our freedom of speech and expression.

  2. Thanks for that Noeline. Perhaps because our only annual break is to Paris, we felt it more keenly, but I think really it’s more the attack on the freedom of expression, which we’ve taken for granted for so long in the UK – whether we always like what we get exposed to, or not. Maybe in years to come this event will be viewed as a turning point in global affairs? If so, let’s hope it’s a turn for the better, and not for the worse,

  3. Oh Julian – so touching and thoughtful- thank you for putting into words what so many of us feel at this sad time.

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