As Dull as Ditch Water.

Our recently revealed, wet meadow’s old ditches.SDIM8964 (2)

Leached out, decades old, decayed detritus.

SDIM8965 (2)

Memories of previous existence.

Dusts rainbowed over muddy sludge.

SDIM8970 (2)Reincarnate, with recent rain.

SDIM8966 (2)SDIM8969 (2)SDIM8982 (2)Colours bleed.

Animation returns.

SDIM8974 (2)SDIM8975 (2)SDIM8976 (2)


SDIM8978 (2)

As Ditch Water?

SDIM8983 (2)SDIM8986 (2)SDIM8985 (2)SDIM8989 (2)SDIM8990 (2)Death,

Or Life?

8 thoughts on “As Dull as Ditch Water.

    • Hello KTB,
      Thank you for the kind comment. Where I failed miserably, was to find what exactly is producing the colours in this case. Is it indeed some oily material, from decades of peaty like material build up? Or mineral accumulations? Does an oil slick break up into the tiny flake like pieces which were only obvious to me when enlarged some of the pics on the computer? But there was something about the variety of patterns and colours, and the knowledge that they would only be transient, that caught my eye. I did discuss with HN, that the images might form the basis of a new range of scarf designs, called, ‘Dull as Ditchwater’. I was rightly put in my place.
      Already the hobbits have got the water moving a bit more effectively, so the drama has largely gone,

  1. The photos are gorgeous no matter the source of the color changes… ;0)

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